Carmen Steffens

The brand was named as a tribute of the president and chief executive officer, Mario Spaniol, to his mother, Carmen Steffens. With headquarter office in the city of Franca; in São Paulo, the brand operates successfully in the market for more than 20 years.

Fashion Show Carmen Steffens
Fashion Show
Materia Prima Carmen Steffens

Raw Material

Carmen Steffens brand is part of Couroquímica group, a leather tannery that ensures quality of the raw material and the agility in the manufacturing of our products. In addition, that allows the brand to deliver exclusivity to our customers, unique textures not found in any other brand.


Bolsas Exclusivas Carmen Steffens

CS Maison

Our company creates 11 collections per year with a mix of products that meet women on several occasions. Since 2013, Carmen Steffens has gained a new concept of business, with the arrival of the project CS Maison, a store that contains 70% in clothes and 30% of footwear and accessories designed for highly sophisticated customers.

Expansion and admiration

With 560 stores in 19 countries, Carmen Steffens today is one of the most respected and admired brands at the industry of footwear, clothes, handbags and accessories. The brand is the favorite of Brazilian and international celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey and Eva Longoria.

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Franquia de luxo
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With a name recognized globally, Carmen Steffens has an international expansion plan. Miami, Melbourne, Mexico City, Tokyo and Abu Dhabi will be the next places we are planning to develop our business model.

A success story

Carmen Steffens Company has the perfect infrastructure and one of the best business models from Brazil. We will create your business plan, plus provide support, before and after the store opening, with proactive supervision to guide you to the success. Do you want to win? We look for people with the passion for the brand translated into action!

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